Thursday, 27 October 2011

Thailand flood, venturing hundreds of Crocodiles

Flash floods that hit Bangkok turned out to not only soak the place of hundreds of thousands of human lives, but also threatens the habitat ratusan crocodile. As a result, the crocodile is loose. Zoo officials ferocious crocodiles trouble grasping it. The Government also requested the help of the community. Residents choosing to shoot dead the elusive crocodile.
As published Bangkok Post, was shot dead two crocodiles at Bang Bua Thong district. While six others were captured in the same area. Two of the dead crocodiles allegedly separated from their habitat in Sai Noi district.
All the crocodiles are found people who were combing flooded streets in search of corpses. Authorities warned residents not to be arbitrarily close amphibians whose length can reach four meters.
Thai television showed images of the crocodiles that have been disabled. The captors claim that the crocodile is actually not too difficult to catch because of fear in humans.
"You just need to continue to shock you catch a crocodile that until he actually fainted," said Praiphan Thienthong, a crocodile tamer, as quoted by The Australian.
Thien Thong and the other crocodile tamer forced to work harder to catch the crocodile, which according to the people of Thailand as bad as the snake loose.
The Thai government offered a reward of a sum of money to people who can catch crocodiles alive, as reported by Sky News. The number of prizes offered is 1000 baht or about Rp289 thousand per alligator, slightly lower than the daily minimum wage of Thailand.
Since July, many areas of Thailand hit by flooding due to rain almost endless. A total of 28 of 77 provinces in Thailand under water, which covers 16 times larger than the area of ​​Hong Kong.
More than 360 dead and 100 thousand lost due to the worst flooding since the last half century in the land of the White Elephant. About 4,000 people moved by bus to Rajamangala Stadium in the center of Bangkok.  
Source : VIVAnews       

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Senator US Urges Judgement President Suriah for Human Right Crime

WashingtonSenator Unted states Urges Judgement President Suriah Bashar al-Assad for security council United Nation denounce to International Criminal Court(ICC)

In a letter to U.S. ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, the U.S. senator declared, when it's time for the ICC to investigate allegations of large and very disruptive to the Assad government because of the handling of anti-government protesters.

"The important thing is the Security Council to bring credible allegations of crimes against humanity by the regime of President Bashar al-Assad to the ICC," writes U.S. senators as reported by AFP news agency on Wednesday (26/10/2011).

"The people of Syria deserve to know that the American people understand their suffering, their support and will work to bring justice for their country," the letter of U.S. senators.

In the letter, the U.S. senator stressed that the U.S. Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford, who frequently criticized the Syrian government's attitude towards the demonstrators, had left Syria due to "credible threats to his safety".

Democratic senators like Dick Durbin, Benjamin Cardin, Robert Menendez and Barbara Boxer signed the letter to Rice.

According to UN estimates, more than three thousand people have been killed in the operation carried out Syrian forces against protesters since the massive demonstrations occurred in the country in mid-March. In its action, the demonstrators demanded the reform and the resignation of Assad.

Source :  detiknews

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Im Ready Go Again

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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Saturday, 23 January 2010

What's next for Conan as the curtain comes down?

Conan O'Brien departs NBC tonight after a 17-year career and a mere seven months in his dream job, hosting its Tonight Show. But even before Jay Leno reclaims Tonight's chair on March 1, the courtship ritual has begun for O'Brien's next gig

Under terms of a settlement reached early Thursday, NBC will pay the host $33 million — the balance of his three-year contract. An additional $12 million goes to laid-off producers and staff. (Conan's Tonight Show will be in reruns until the Olympics.)

Until Sept. 1, he can't work elsewhere; for a shorter period of time, he can't disparage NBC, appear on other talk shows or do interviews. His signature comedy bits will die with his career at NBC, which owns them.

On Thursday's show, O'Brien joked that among the terms of his exit, "I am prohibited from coming within 500 yards of 11:30" and he must "watch at least one NBC show every weeknight in order to double ratings."

O'Brien's representatives say they've already heard from several networks expressing interest in him. Fox is most interested in a nightly talk show, though it must first arm-twist stations to give up their profitable late-night reruns.

"He actually has a TV tonality more appropriate for Fox than he did for NBC," says John Rash of ad firm Campbell Mithun.

NBC Universal TV chief Jeff Gaspin says Leno's prime-time failure, and losses at the suddenly lower-rated Tonight Show estimated at $20 million, left the network unable to wait for O'Brien's audience to grow.

"We thought it was possible he'd understand the difficult situation we were in" by agreeing to move his show a half-hour later, to 12:05 ET/PT, Gaspin says. But O'Brien refused, expressing "enormous personal disappointment" and vowing he wouldn't "participate in what I honestly believe is (Tonight's) destruction."

That triggered 10 days of legal wrangling, scathing jokes and sharply higher ratings for Tonight. Supportive rivals David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel traded barbs with Leno, whom Gaspin gave a semi-ringing endorsement. "We hope and expect he will be part of Tonight as long as he wants to be (and) as long as it's working for us," he says. "People form habits, and we shook things up. But over time, Jay will be the late-night leader again."

He also expects improvement at 10 with shows that replace Leno March 1, and put on ice any new low-cost ploys. "We now have the ability to start rebuilding NBC in a more traditional way," he says. "At a later date, after we have more strength, we can try new models again."

Friday, 15 January 2010

'Heroes' actor contacts parents in Haiti

(CNN) -- On Thursday, Jimmy Jean-Louis finally received the phone call he had longed for: He spoke with his mother in Haiti.

"I got a phone call from my sister who said she was able to reach home," the Haitian native and "Heroes" cast member said. " So I picked up the phone and my mom answered. The first reaction from both of us was simply to cry."

The actor had been searching for his elderly parents in Haiti after a powerful earthquake struck his homeland. Adding to his desperation to find them was the knowledge that the house he had grown up in had collapsed during the disaster, killing several of his relatives.

Now he knows that his parents are safe physically, although they are sleeping outdoors for fear that their damaged home is not safe. While they are whole in body, emotionally and mentally his parents are in rough shape, Jean-Louis said.

"They don't understand what's going on," Jean-Louis said. "It's almost like saying 'Why [are we] living?' Shock is an understatement."

"Apparently they have not stopped crying ever since the earthquake happened," he said, his voice breaking.

Jean-Louis was born in Petionville, Haiti Video, where he grew up without electricity or running water before moving to Paris, France, when he was 12 to pursue a modeling career. He has supported his parents by sending money home since he started acting nearly 20 years ago.

The actor, who is best known as "The Haitian" on the NBC series "Heroes," returned from Haiti only a couple of weeks ago after spending the holidays with his parents. He was planning to return this month but will now be traveling much sooner to provide relief aid.

Jean-Louis said there is still no word on the many relatives and friends he has in Haiti. And while he is anxious not only to reunite with his family, he also wants to lend his support to his fellow Haitians.

He is the founder of Hollywood Unites for Haiti, a nonprofit organization whose original mission was to provide sports and cultural education to underprivileged youth on the island. Now he says their mission is to mobilize and offer whatever aid they can for earthquake survival.

He expressed gratitude for the many people of all nations who have come together to support his country in its desperate hour of need.

"I am very, very happy that there is unity," he said. "Only through unity will we be able to overcome the catastrophe."


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